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Product Globalization Services

Localization & Globalization Services

Pactera’s Value Proposition

Pactera PGS has grown from providing one service (globalization testing) in one language (Simplified Chinese) for one customer (IBM) in one product (OS/2) out of one location (Beijing, China) to providing a wide range of language related services and solutions in more than 100 languages for an array of world renowned multinationals as well as medium and small sized customers across multiple industries. Pactera leverages cost advantage in China when developing new services and technology, and combines this cost advantage with the expertise and innovation of our global staff. This enables us to develop cutting-edge solutions and gives us a distinct competitive edge.

Unlike traditional translation and localization companies, Pactera has proven experience and capability in software/hardware development and testing. Collaborating with our R&D teams, Pactera PGS is particularly strong in language services that require high technical competence such as enterprise software localization, localization testing and technical writing, and we leverage our testing and application development staff to enable full End-to-End Globalization services. Additionally, our team of 150 in-house linguists gives us a unique advantage in terms of quality and turnaround times. With great internal and external partnerships, successful go-to market strategies and a well-developed delivery and support structure Pactera PGS is your one-stop shop for localization, globalization and other language related services. Pactera excels because of our professional and process efficiency, maximum diversity of languages supported, and our agile, custom process.


Localization is the business line Pactera started with, and 18 years later it remains one of our core businesses. With global service centers and a vast external resource pool of translators, Pactera provides superb localization services in more than 100 languages. Our rich project management experience, resources, and synergies with the software development & testing teams ensure our on-time completion of projects with high quality and low cost regardless of size, complexity, and language coverage.


Working with a combination of in-house specialized translators and in-country translators, Pactera offers translation services for over 100 languages and in many varied formats. Translation memory tools aid our skilled linguists to provide terminology individually tailored to your company. By integrating Pre-Translation Engineering (PTE) into translation tools and monitoring systems we always deliver with high efficiency and top quality. Pactera has extensive expertise in translating the following content spaces: documentation, software, marketing, website, legal, and medical. In particular, for translation and workflow, Pactera uses e.g. the following proven tools to deliver consistent results:

  • Trados
  • Idiom WorldServer
  • IBM TM/Win
  • Catalyst
  • Multiterm
  • Transit, RC-Wintrans, LocStudio
  • Passolo

E-learning & Multimedia Localization

Pactera specializes in offering comprehensive solutions for e-learning and multimedia localization including audio/video editing and engineering, voice-over recording, flash animation and integration, script localization, as well as quality assurance testing. We leverage our in-house recording artists were possible, but also rely on a global network of professional voice talents.

Machine Translation and Post-editing

Pactera provides Machine Translation (MT) solutions for your specific translation requirements and arranges well-trained linguistic professionals to perform post-editing for machine-translated contents. We use both client-specific engines and our own Pactera MT engine.

Machine Translation

Agile Localization

Pactera offers a customizable Agile Localization process to support your Agile Development process. For those “sprint” projects with frequent, time sensitive requirements, Pactera is experienced in the methodologies necessary to handle the specific challenges for these projects, and we use technology to automate the workflow as well as to create efficiencies in communication, in order to meet the critical turnaround times in Agile projects.

Community Translation

Pactera offers Community Translation solutions to help you cope with high volume content which otherwise might not get translated. We set up the community, moderate the processes and automate quality checks. To facilitate Community Translation and manage the communities we use our hiTrans continuous translation platform.

Diverse Engineering Services

Our services are enabled by a well-designed framework of best practices combining global, web-based project management, proven localization processes and workflows, and utilization of the latest technologies and tools, with continuous internal development of Pactera proprietary tools. Our continuous investment in process improvement, standardization, and strict quality control ensures consistent delivery that will exceed your expectations. Pactera has experienced engineering resources to assist with I18n engineering, L10n engineering, testing and automation as well as tool development.

Speech Transcription

Pactera provides speech record transcription and voiceover in 22 languages. All transcriptionists are native speakers of the target language from the target countries living in China, guaranteeing both authenticity as well as the China cost advantage. Our proprietary transcription workflow system integrates data preparation, transcription, quality assurance, and project management into a single platform, helping Pactera achieve superb quality standards and excellent productivity.

Pactera speech transcription capabilities:

  • Transcription console streamlines each step and provides shortcut functions, increasing transcription speed tenfold compared to manual transcription
  • PM console automates task assignment and progress tracking, reducing project management effort by 50%
  • Breakdown the whole task into small pieces and process some pieces with self-developed automation tools, overall increasing productivity by 20%
  • Self-designed e-Learning training system and newcomer monitoring system reduces training cycle by 70%
  • Online client/server architecture allows working remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Ability to leverage crowd-sourcing of engineering work

Technical Writing

Combining strong infrastructure, technical expertise, product development experience and linguistic knowledge, Pactera is proficient in delivering user-oriented technical documentation writing services. Pactera’s technical writing team will work with you to identify your target audience, what they want to know about your product, and what medium they will use to access the information. We work closely with you to perform knowledge transfer and engineer training on your products. Our technical authors can draw on many years of IT writing experience to describe complex technical systems. Our technical writing services cover a variety of documents including system description, Installation Guide, User Guide, Example’s Guide, Release Notes, license agreements, etc.

Technical Writing Strengths:

  • Strong domain and customer knowledge brought by existing collaboration with customers on product development
  • Mature process in handling large scale service projects and strong capabilities in enabling technology-centric processes
  • Low cost with delivery capability at locations around China
  • Abundant full-cycle technical writing experiences

Technology Expertise:

Pactera has deep technological know-how in a wide range of areas:

  • We offer source code editing in Visual C++/C, VB, Java, .Net, SQL, and Oracle.
  • We support output with RoboHelp, WebWorks Publisher, Epic Editor/Print Composer and RenderX.
  • We have particular expertise in writing Help files for HTML Workshop and HTML QA.

We have proven experience in managing the following solutions and the corresponding file formats:

  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Quark Xpress
  • Microsoft Office Suite

Localization Verification Testing

Pactera has the world’s largest Localization Verification Testing labs in terms of languages represented, in one location, providing:

  • Localization sanity testing
  • Localization verification testing
  • Functional verification testing
  • Localization regression testing

Globalization Testing

Pactera has developed well-designed frameworks that combine best practices in global project management, software I18n developments and testing. Task- and quality-oriented software testing methodologies for G11n and L10n testing allow for optimization of project workflows as well as quality assurance processes and procedures nurtured in the Pactera i18n Center of Excellence (COE).

Pactera Globalization services include:

  • Internationalization (I18n) Development Process
  • I18n Development
  • I18n Testing
  • Localization Testing

Desktop Publishing

Pactera has abundant experience in handling desktop publishing (DTP) with full language coverage, including product manuals, technical documentation, marketing materials, screenshots, and graphic manipulation. Our strong DTP team has the technical capabilities, quality assurance systems, and scalability, to enable Pactera to treat DTP as an integral component of the localization lifecycle.

DTP industrialized processes:

  • Pre-production analysis to determine the most efficient workflow strategy and set-up of files
  • Preparation of files to facilitate multilingual desktop publishing
  • Production of multilingual files in DTP applications
  • Final Quality Assurance

Web Globalization

Pactera is a trusted website globalization partner, operating websites for some of the largest US-based software companies in the world. We offer end-to-end solutions that include strategic planning, resource selection and allocation, process refinement, website construction, content localization, maintenance, and search engine optimization.

Software Global Readiness Solution

The Pactera Software Global Readiness Solution provides a holistic solution to your entire product lifecycle. In today’s increasingly global world, software products often need to be released in multiple languages to achieve best fit with individual markets. Adapting a software product to a different language is not simple translation of the interface and documentation text, but is rather a systematic process requiring specific attention throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC), including design, coding, functional testing, translation, linguistic testing, and often cultural appropriateness review. Experience repeatedly shows that a software development project with “global release readiness” included in the very beginning will save huge amount of time and effort in later stages when developing and updating multi-locale versions. With more than 5 years of experience providing all services related to software multi-locale adaptation, Pactera provides the Software Global Release Readiness solution that enables clients to stay on the right track from beginning to the end in software development and go-to-market processes.